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"Happy Face in Flower" NeonDream

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Grab your custom NeonDream today! This sign comes in various sizes & colors. 
Set the vibe for your living room this trendy sign. We're sure your guests will enjoy this piece. Please feel free to fully customize this NeonDream to your liking by having the freedom of choosing the perfect color, dimension, and backplate of your preference.




LED neon flex offers a higher luminosity efficiency than glass neon lights and also increases the lifespan of every NeonDream. LED lights are capable to produce a seamless stretch of light with no dots or shadows in between.

All of our signs are made on a very durable acrylic backplate. Unlike other energy-efficient types of lighting, our LED strips do not emit polluting radiation, and therefore do not pose a health hazard. It is important to note that LED lights operate at a low voltage, and are therefore considered safe compared to any other lighting system. Our LED products are flame retardant and flexible, therefore they are unlikely to break even if you were to drop the sign. 


NeonDreams are very simple & easy to Install. You can simply hang your NeonDream, each sign comes fully equipped with nails & pre-drilled holes in your backplate. Your backplate is 5mm thick and serves as durable support for your sign. The custom cut of acrylic plate is entirely to your preference.

Hi there! Just a little reminder while you shop.

Each product will automatically include the following:
1 Dimmer Remote Control (ON/OFF)
1 Custom Acrylic Backplate of your choice
1 Year LED Warranty
Screws to hang sign

All of our signs are 100% handmade and fully customizable! If you do not see your size preference in the sizing menu above-please do not hesitate to contact us. A specialist will contact you within 24-48 hours after receiving your inquiry. 
Please do not be shy with whatever you may want, you are and will always be in full control of YOUR NeonDreams here.

(-Sizing/Dimensions are approximate, if we have any questions or concerns you will be contacted before we construct and finalize your NeonDream.)

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