Our Story

Welcome to NeonDreamsUSA

NeonDreamsUSA was founded in Los Angeles, California, as a small Neon Art boutique. With all your support and love we grew rapidly into what is now known as NeonDreamsUSA, providing our Neon Art to clients Worldwide. As of 2021 we been fortunate to expanded further & now bring to you a carefully curated line of elegant Home Decor products in addition to our fully customizable Neon Art. 

Our passion for Neon Lights started when we were young kids, fascinated by the glowing lights. With time our passion grew and as we attempted to build on our own collection of Neon Lights, as adults we quickly found-out how underserved the market actually was. Frustrated with the poor quality & service that was available we quickly sprang into action to not only bring our own NeonDreams to reality but to also share our passion and be able to fulfill the dreams of other future Neon Enthusiasts as well. This is when NeonDreamsUSA was born, we made it our mission to fix and fill in the gaps we found on the market, and find a way to create the most beautiful & durable Neon Art.

NeonDreamsUSA's Mission

It is our top priority to provide all of our clients with stunning Neon Art displays along with elegant Home Decor items. Our Neon Art is completely customizable to whatever you may desire- at NeonDreamsUSA the possibilities are endless. Our team of professionals strive daily to work with each one of our clients to provide you superior customer service and bring your NeonDreams to reality. In addition to providing our clients the best products on the market at the most competitive rates, we strive to be socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do. 

Our Lights 

Moving away from old fashion Traditional Glass tubing, all of our Neon Signs are manufactured with our proprietary state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly LED Technology. With this change we have been able to increase not only the luminosity of every neon sign but also increases the overall lifespan. Originally neon signs were made with  glass, which made them very fragile and prone to shattering, requiring you to be. extra careful around your sign. In addition to this glass tubing contains mercury which can be very dangerous with long term exposure. For this reason, many of our competitors have made the change to PVC material and "claim" it is much safer than Traditional Glass Tubes. However, PVC materials also contain harmful carcinogens such as VCM & Phthalates which can be very dangerous to children & adults over long exposure. PVC also diminishes the quality of light produced by the neon signs, making it an overall unsatisfactory purchase. 

What makes NeonDreamsUSA better is that all of our signs are equipped with our proprietary advanced technology that makes each Neon Sign much more durable and ensures that your NeonDream shines bright each & everyday for the years to come, without causing you or your family any harm. Our team takes great pride to make sure your NeonDream will always look as VIVID as the first day you receive it.  In addition to this we offer a COMPLEMENTARY remote control with every order, giving our customers the full power to control everything  their NeonDream has to offer with a simple push of a button. With every Neon order you will also be taking the right step in helping our planet by making the greener choice. 

Customers have ability to control every detail of their Neon sign without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Our Advanced Technology combined with our simple customization process & excellent customer service, creates for a tailored experience for all of our clients.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our dedicated team of professionals are waiting to assist you every step of the way.

From our family to yours, Keep on NeonDreaming and Watch Us Do the Rest!