Our Products

  • What is NeonDreamsUSA?

Our team at NeonDreamsUSA specializes in designing premium top quality custom neon signs. Our number one focus is bringing our clients NeonDreams to reality exactly how they imagined it.

  • Why are your neon signs priced cheaper than your competitors?

Theres only one simple answer to this question. NeonDreamsUSA does not mark up our pricing to rip off our valued customers. We at NeonDreams know it is more important to create top quality products at reasonable prices, rather than having large margins. By doing this, we have been able to create great wholesale many with many businesses as well as well known individuals in our social community. We also take great pride in having a very high customer return rate.

  • Is NeonDreamsUSA creating & shipping during the current crisis?

NeonDreamsUSA is still creating & shipping neon signs, while safely taking all sanitary precautions & practicing social distancing. Our team is working overtime to make sure your orders are created delivered to you in a timely manner. If you do need your custom NeonDream by a specific date please contact us so we can enter in your rush order.

  •  How are NeonDreamsUSA signs made?

    All of your NeonDreams are 100% handmade down to the last detail in all of our factories.

    • How durable is my NeonDream?

    Compared to traditional neon signs, your NeonDream is very durable. If you happen to accidentally drop your sign, chances are it will not shatter or be damaged. If a traditional(glass) neon sign made from drops it will shatter 100% of the time.

    •  What is the difference between tradition glass neon signs and my NeonDream?

    LED signs are made from durable & quality material that is very strong. Unlike traditional glass neon signs, LED signs are created on an acrylic back-plates for maximum stability. Traditional signs are made from glass and do not come with a base, making them very fragile & easy to break or shatter.  LED signs are low power, and do not consume as much energy or electricity as glass signs, which makes LED very low cost. While using a-lot less energy then regular traditional signs, LED signs are still able to create a much more bright and vivid shine. Glass neon signs also do not come in a variety of colors. Glass neon signs are a greater concern for safety and are not suitable for children. LED lights are extremely light weight and very easy to move around and install. The overall life span of LED signs are far longer than traditional signs. LED signs are also little to no noise at all.        
    • Does my NeonDream require maintenance?

    Your NeonDream requires absolutely zero maintenance after installation.

    • Do I need a remote for my NeonDream?

    You do not "need" a remote control for your sign but we still include 1 remote with every single Neon order to make sure your Neon vibes can be controlled from your very own fingertips. 

    • Will my sign overheat?

    Our NeonDream creations are only 12V. They are much safer than any other traditional neon signs. Due to the low voltage and high quality, your NeonDream will not overheat. Our signs do not omit excessive or harmful heat.

    • What is outdoor LED?

    If you have placed your order for an outdoor sign, we will apply multiple waterproof coats to your NeonDream.

    • What is an acrylic backplate?

    Your NeonDream is made on an acrylic backplate for maximum stability. It is a  shatter-resistant plastic used as an alternative to glass.

    •  Does my sign come with warranty?

    NeonDreamsUSA offers a 1 year warranty on each of our signs. Our warranty covers the LED lights, but does not cover any physical damage.



    • What is the process for custom orders?

    Once your final design is confirmed, production will begin. Please allow 18-21 business days for the production of your custom neon sign. We also offer 7 Day FREE shipping with every order.

    • How can I see my design?

    Once you have placed your order, one of our design specialists will reach out to you to work with you and finalize the Final Design for your NeonDream.

    • Can you use any fonts or design to create an LED sign?

    Yes if there is any particular design or font you may want please feel free to share it with us. If you do not have a design or font in mind feel free to visit our custom inquiry page that also contains a list of popular fonts you may choose from. 

    • What colors are available to choose from?

    All color options are available.

    • How do I figure out dimensions or sizing for my NeonDream? Is there a minimum size?

    All dimensions for custom signs are specific to where you will like to place them, we suggest you measure the wall you would want to place your sign as well as how much area you would like your NeonDream to cover. Please keep in mind in some cases, your sizing requested may not always be able to be made but we will find the closest possible sizing to your request. The final sizing needs to correlate with the design. It is our job to make sure your final product is legible and as beautiful as can be. If you are fixed on the size you are requesting, we can still be able to create your sign, but we will advise you with our professional opinion before doing so. 

    • If I don't want to install my sign on a wall, do I have another options?

    Yes, you can order your NeonDream on a stand as well and you will be able to place is on a solid surface.


    Packaging & Installation

    • How is my Neon Dream packaged?

    All of our NeonDreams are professionally wrapped and packaged to make sure they are not damaged during transit.

    • What comes in my box with my NeonDream?

    Every order includes your NeonDream, a remote control dimmer, an adapter & power cord, and screws for installation.

    • Do I have to hire someone for installation?

    Installing your NeonDream is very simple & straightforward. They are very easy to install- no professional help is needed, however it is entirely up to the you whether you want to hire a handyman.

    • What do I need if i decide to install it by myself ?

    We have made the installation process very simple and easy. All you would need is a drill/screwdriver, a hammer and a copy of our installation guide.



    • What are shipping costs?

    All NeonDream orders include free shipping worldwide, shipping for all other products are calculated at checkout according to weight and destination.

    • Will my neon dream work in my country?

    Yes they will. If you are located outside of the US or Canada please inform us and we will provide the proper supplies necessary according to your location. 

    • Who is responsible for import taxes & fees?

    We do offer free shipping but you, the consumer, are responsible for any import taxes or fees that may be applied by your government.


    Returns & Exchanges

    • What is your return policy?

    Please refer to our Return Policy page for this information.